Sunday, October 10, 2010

dog days are over

Ah, my friends (or friend, ha), it has been awhile. Another season has passed since I last wrote. Lots has happened since then, as should be the case. Made friends, saw old friends, saw new places, saw old places. You get the picture. Had good times had bad times. Through it all God has been faithful. I waver, I question, I fall, I lay there sometimes for a little too long. And then he picks me up and reminds me that even though I lack grace he has more than enough for me and for everyone around me and beyond. If only I could always be in this state of getting over myself...

Now it's fall, this funny little season where you're not quite sure what to feel. Excited because of everything you've learned and done that past couple months but hesitant to step into another season of learning, when all you want are those warm, fuzzy feelings back.

Speaking of warm and fuzzy, I just got the warmest blanket in the mail, courtesy of an aunt and uncle. probably my second favorite moment of fall. These are the perks of being away from loved ones, they send you things you need. Like postcards (shout-out to Janice!)

She was probably my favorite part of summer :D. Love you JLu !

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