Monday, April 7, 2008

the duck bus told us a joke but then kept driving

if things always went the way they were planned. i suppose there wouldn't be much of a story.

Which is why sometimes I like to walk into things without certain expectations, half-blind. i do this A LOT. Maybe one of the reasons so many people see me as so relaxed (that, and some people are a little too uptight, and need to let go of some of the things they worry about - but we all have those days i guess).

so yeah i really dont like to look at things in advance so much, im more of a short term person. BUT i'm thinking a little planning is wise because I think i'm selling God a bit short, His vision is bigger than me, so mine should fall on the same line.

now, i really have no idea whats going to happen this summer, there are certain things that could, but I AM EXCITED either way :D

I think of Popsicles when i think of summer, and who doesnt smile at the thought of popsicles, only a twisted soul...oh wait.

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