Friday, April 18, 2008

what's your motivation?

Read this in an article from Trendwatching.

Think our obsession with status as the driver of, well, everything is somewhat far-fetched? Then consider the following: in mature consumer societies, is there really any kind of consumption or even behavior that is entirely devoid of status considerations?

An extreme (consumption) example: is installing a top-of-the-range home spa or cinema, for one's own pleasure and comfort, not to be seen or to be used by anyone but the owner, free of status considerations? Or will the owner, at one point or another, tell peers about the fact he or she had this spa or cinema installed, and is using and enjoying it? What if the owner was not allowed to tell anyone about these assets?

Or how about this one: is the ultimate and ongoing value of going on an exotic trip discovering remote islands that other tourists haven't set foot on before—the experience itself—or is the real value to be found in the impressive stories a traveler can tell his or her peers on return?

It's hard not to tell stories and there's nothing wrong with wanting to tell stories. Heck, Jesus told them all the time. Of course his were for the purpose of furthering God's kingdom. What are mine for?

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